post-imgI absolutely love hanging out at the store because I meet so many different kinds of people who all love fireworks! You'd think that so many different kinds of people would have lots of different questions, and they do, but there seems to come a point in every pyro conversation that I'm in where the other person asks, "What's your favorite firework in the whole store?".

This is an unfair question for so many reasons! You mean, I have to pick one fireworks out of more than 2,000 fireworks that I already decided were cool enough to have in the store, and then claim it as my one and only favorite? No way! Impossible. I could never do it. Why? Well, the answer has to do with how I try to build the perfect fireworks show.

Aerials, fountains, missiles, parachutes, reloadables, Roman candles, could I possibly pick only one as my fave?

For example, a lot of people rag on fountains because they say they can get them at the fireworks stand near their house, or because they don't perform well. Not me. I love fountains! And the fountains at Red Apple Fireworks and Motor City Fireworks kick ass. Seriously. There are some that have a ton of different effects, they can last for a really long time, and there is no break in the action like there is with reloadables and some aerials. I personally like to use fountains at the beginning of my shows, leading up to a big sequence, or as a ground-level effect while there are higher-level effects going on. So, there are many fountains that I would call my favorites.

Other people only go for huge XL Aerials. Of course, these babies put on a spectacular show! Lots of different effects, huge breaks, impressive finales, and different angle firing patterns. In my shows, I use XL Aerials to direct the show. Since there is nothing larger, you need to use these as the high points in your show. There are lots of XL Aerials that I would call my favorites.

But, if you only use XL Aerials, your show can get expensive quickly, and be over quickly! You NEED Standard Aerials and Large Aerials to extend your show and vary the action so that your crowd doesn't get bored. There are SO many choices here. You can get just about any effect you are looking for in a Standard Aerial or Large Aerial, and they are usually really reasonably priced. Lots more favorites here.

Don't even get me started on reloadables. You should always stock up on reloadables because they run out quickly and everyone loves to light a lot of them off at the same time. Canister shells, ball shells, special effect shells and more come in Standard, Large, and XL. Get all of them. I'm normally a budget-minded consumer, but I always buy lots of reloadables.

One favorite? Yeah, right. Anyway, you get the point. When shopping for fireworks to put together a great show, variety is truly the spice spice of life! Don't stock up on any single type of firework. Instead, try them all, and don't be afraid to make up your own mind about what someone told you to avoid. I KNOW you will be pleasantly surprised. :)